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Free Wedding Tools

Free Downloadable Wedding Tools:

Wedding Program Template      Seating Chart      Wedding Budget Tool (Excel)

Up till now, it seems like every organized bride winds up recreating the same work that every other bride has done in the past, things like creating a wedding program, a seating chart, or a budget. Online tools are surprisingly hard to come by, and even tools that are sold online usually turn out to not be very good.

My theory why there isn't many good wedding tools out there is because they each one tries to do everything. For instance, seating charts try to take into account the fact that tables may seat 8 or 10, or may be round or rectangular. Thus, the tools are unnecessarily complicated. If, however, you have access to one clear, elegant, easy-to-use seating chart, and if it's created in a common format such as MS Word, then you can always modify it to suit your needs.  By presenting tools for free, in easily customizable formats (unlike PDFs or online tools), you can then make them suit your needs exactly.

Note that I have created all the free tools on this site to reflect classic, traditional ways of doing things. You don not need to be constrained by the formats, and I encourage you to change them as much as you like, to suit your personal needs and wishes. Sometimes it's just nice to start out with what is "usual", so then you know how you're changing elements, and what aspects you are keeping in a traditional format

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