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Dolce Quintet
Advantages to using a woodwind quintet for your Minnesota wedding:
  • Dynamic range  
    • A woodwind quintet can be loud enough for the largest spaces (unlike a string quartet)
    • A woodwind quintet can have a soft, mellow tone, too, so its appropriate for smaller rooms
  • Colors of sound 
    • Five different woodwinds (clarinet, oboe, flute, bassoon, and French horn) produce amazing colors of sound that match and meld in wonderful ways
  • Orchestral sound 
    • No other group of musicians provides the full mix of rich tone and subtle texture that a woodwind quintet brings to a ceremony
I highly recommend the Dolce Woodwind Quintet as they have over 10 years of wedding experience performing ceremony and reception music at over 400 weddings.  The Dolce Woodwind Quintet has a huge repertoire and they carry a whole suitcase full of sheet music!  

The quintet can also arrange songs, so they will do any request you like.  In other words, you can pick any song, and they'll write the music so that their woodwind quintet can play it.  

Dolce will work with you through every step of your wedding ceremony with a wedding planner worksheet, talking through how many pieces to play and what mood you're looking for.  This Minnesota woodwind quintet, which specializes in weddings, has samples of their work on their website, so you can immediately hear what the quintet sounds like and you don't have to wait for a CD to come in the mail.  The fee for this woodwind quintet is approximately $775 for a Minnesota wedding ceremony.

Dolce Woodwind Quintet
4340 Washburn Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55412

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