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Alexandra Early, violin soloist for weddings in MN
For an intimate sound that is simple but elegant, the violin is a great choice. Alexandra Early is amazing - she has studied the violin for 20 years (she has both a Bachelor and Master's degree in Solo Violin), played with the New World Symphony for years, has played in weddings and events for over a decade, and owned and managed her own string quartet for weddings for several years. She's wonderful to work with - very attentive and very friendly. It's so nice to work with a musician who is not only professional caliber, but also who is experienced with wedding ceremonies.

As a soloist, Alexandra can slow down or speed up as needed, and can start or stop when appropriate, which is really helpful. As an experienced wedding soloist, she has a great feel for how the ceremony is going and what is needed when, so everything is seamless. Live music can be so amazing and puts everyone at their ease, and and experienced soloist makes the whole afternoon go smoothly. Living in the Twin Cities, she is willing to travel anywhere around the Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN metro area, and to other nearby areas.

Here are some samples of her work! Bach, Clarke, Vivaldi.

Alexandra Early
(917) 526-0951

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