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Birchwood String Quartet for weddings in Minnesota
A string quartet is about the classiest and musical choice one can make for a wedding - basically, a string quartet is the standard upon which all other wedding musicians are based.

As a Minnesota wedding officiant and coordinator for over a decade, I have worked with the Birchwood String Quartet dozens of times and they are amazing.  Conducting a string quartet for a wedding can be tricky, because often they have to be able to stop in the middle of a song and wrap things up at the end of a phrase.  In order to pull of this feat with style, the musicians not only have to be experienced with playing with each other, but they must also familiar with playing in unusual settings so they're not distracted.  In my opinion, of all the string quartets I've worked with in the Minneapolis and St Paul area, the Birchwood String Quartet is easily the most experienced at playing at wedding ceremonies.  Plus, they sound gorgeous.

I recommend this Minnesota wedding string quartet wholeheartedly.  The Birchwood String Quartet has clips of their music on their site, so you don't have to order a CD in order to hear them play.  Their fee is approximately $795 for the wedding ceremony.  They also play for wedding receptions.

Birchwood String Quartet
4433 Park Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407

At a Stillwater, MN wedding - the Birchwood String Quartet!
From a wedding on the roof of the Stillwater Public Library - the Birchwood String Quartet!

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