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What to look for in a Minnesota wedding singer:
  • Talented
    Singers are special - if any other type of wedding musician isn't quite up to snuff, most guests won't even notice, but a wedding singer has to have perfect pitch, beautiful tonality, and a sensitivity to the music to interpret it correctly.
  • Prepared
    If your wedding is outdoors, the singer will not only need a pianist, but one who can bring along a battery-powered system
  • Experienced
    More than any other wedding music, soloists need to be sensitive and experienced so they can fully understand the feel and mood that the bride and groom are looking for and can adapt their music to the wedding guests and what is happening with the ceremony
 I recommend Diane Martinson, who is just absolutely amazing.  Diane is especially proud of her commitment to keeping reasonable rates so that people can afford a unique and special music ensemble for their wedding.  

Diane's rate as a wedding ceremony singer with her pianist starts at $375, and if you require a portable keyboard add $50. 

Diane's powerful combination of singer, pianist and string trio starts at $910. She can write and rehearse the custom music for special song requests for half of what it would cost to hire different musicians separately. Her group produces truly memorable music!

Diane Martinson
6304 Barrie Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55435

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