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What to look for in a Minnesota wedding pianist

  • Prepared 
    Will the pianist provide their own instrument?  Some sites have a piano on the premises, but many places require the musician to bring their own keyboard.
  • Experienced
    Are they experienced in weddings?  Many people play piano, but if your wedding is in an unconventional space, it's helpful to use a musician who is experienced in all sorts of situations and can react to anything that happens.
  • Committed
    Does the pianist have a website?  Can you listen to their music right from the site, or do you have to request a CD?

Sharon Planer fits all these requirements, and more.  Sharon offers wedding piano music for weddings, and she's friendly, experienced, and in my opinion, Sharon Planer's the best wedding pianist in the state.  She knows all the most popular wedding music, volunteers to learn requests, comes prepared with her own keyboard, has years of wedding experience, and presents samples of her music right on her website.  I've worked with Sharon many times, and I unreservedly recommend her services.

Fee: $335 for wedding ceremony music (includes a meeting to plan and select your music). When you hire Sharon for your wedding ceremony, you receive the following discount on your Cocktail/Dinner music: $120/first hour and $90/hour for all additional hours.

Sharon also offers a great discount on Rehearsal Dinner Music.

Pianist for Parties, Sharon Planer
1200 Washington Av. S., Suite 270
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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