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Why use a harpist for your Minnesota wedding ceremony? 
  • Magical sound.  The harp sounds like nothing else, and played well, brings a lightness to a ceremony that no other instrument can match. 

  • Rare. Few people have heard the amazing sound of a harp solo, and the sound can really differentiate your wedding from others.

  • Calming.  Instead of revving people up, as most music does, so that the guests are still excited, talking, and not "ready", harp music calms everyone down and brings your guests to a mellow, receptive place so that by the time the wedding starts, they're at ease and ready for the ceremony.

What to look for in a wedding harpist?

  • Improvisational ability.  Is the harpist trained in the Baroque tradition, which values improvisation, and thus the musician can adapt to changes during the ceremony?

  • Memorization.  Is the harpist so skilled that they don't have to have a music stand?

Other things to look for

I highly recommend Reuben Correa because:

  • His professionalism
    • You can go directly to his site and hear his music - you don't have to request a CD
    • Reuben doesn't require anything
      • He brings his own chair - No special seating requirements - 
      • Everything's memorized - No need for a music stand
      • He brings a board for his harp to stand on (so he can play on grass or thick carpet and the harp will still project the sound)
  • Incredibly talented
    • Award-winning - considered one of the top 1% of musicians in the world (out of 350,000 submissions for the JPF Music Awards, he was one of the top 10 for "Best Solo Instrumental Song")
    • Instead of just a nice sound, Reuben makes the music sound like it's alive and flowing
  • Experienced with weddings
    • Reuben has played at over 500 weddings worldwide
    • Is always alert - will always jump in with mellow music if needed (Reader coming up to the podium, etc.)
    • Will travel

Reuben website has samples of his work, but he also has a nice explanation of how music works in a wedding ceremony.  His fee is $275, and there is an additional optional fee of $150 for first hour of the wedding reception, or you can book him to play all night.

Reuben Correa
6022 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN 55422


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