Minneapolis wedding officiant Rev Coleman, for a chapel with a Minnesota wedding

Same-Sex Weddings  
Ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples in Minnesota


2013 Interview: Can you tell I'm excited? Please pardon my enthusiasm (in this interview, KSTP was asking me about the new same-sex marriage law in Minnesota). I'm usually much more reserved, but it's an issue close to my heart!

Wedding photo by Kate SommersUntil now, same-sex weddings have always been called commitment ceremonies by the state. I've performed dozens of these ceremonies over the last twenty years and always called them weddings, so now that the state is going to recognize them as weddings, well, in some ways things aren't going to change that much. Couples are still going to come together in the eyes of their family, their friends, their loved ones, under God (if they're religious), only now the state will recognize the union, too.

This particular page used to be about commitment ceremonies, but now all weddings are legal - so feel free to check out this page.

My sister and her partner getting married in NY, after their commitment ceremony in MN

In 2013, Minnesota passes the same-sex marriage law

One of my favorite pictures: Here I am at the Minnesota Capitol supporting the same-sex marriage bill. Can you see the priest in the background behind me, holding the pink sign (he is protesting marriage equality?). He was not happy that I was in front of him taking a picture of me supporting the bill while he was against it! It was so nice to be a minister there, showing that religion can be a loving and supportive force in our world. I'm so proud of Minnesota!

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