Minneapolis wedding officiant Rev Coleman, for a chapel with a Minnesota wedding

Your Minnesota Wedding Ceremony

Respect and tradition are important in a wedding, but so is a feeling of vitality and a sense that the wedding ceremony reflects who you really are. You may want a spiritual wedding ceremony, or a wedding that isn’t religious at all, or you may want a wedding ceremony that honors the traditions of your family, yet isn’t stuffy and has more of a feeling of celebration to it. 

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Irvine Park, in St Paul, Minnesota

For specifics on gay weddings, getting your license, and such, please click here.

When you plan your  wedding, you have hundreds of choices and a limited amount of time. With the right help, planning your wedding can be a joy. I am at your service throughout the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the wedding itself.

Each couple is completely different, and many want a personalized wedding ceremony that is written and coordinated according to their wishes. In addition, many couples would like some help putting it all together and making it run smoothly.

What you will get when you choose me to design and officiate your wedding:

•  A flexible, experienced minister with the expertise to plan your unique, personalized wedding ceremony, no matter what your site or what kind of wedding you are planning.
•  Your wedding can be religious or nonreligious, or simply spiritual in your own way
•  Your wedding will be completely written out just for you, reflecting your feelings and beliefs and incorporating your personal style
•  You can write your own vows, if you wish, and include friends and family

Additional considerations:

Out of state wedding

•  You may have selected a nontraditional wedding site in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, a spot that poses unique challenges.

•  You want a more meaningful wedding ceremony than a Minnesota Justice of the Peace or Judge can provide--one that is tailored and customized to your unique wishes, beliefs, and values.

Out-of-state wedding

• You may be looking to blend the traditions of varying backgrounds or religions with your personal style and your spirituality, in whatever manner you feel fit. For instance, I have performed many Catholic-Lutheran weddings (where one party was Catholic, the other Lutheran, and they wished to honor both traditions), Christian-Jewish weddings (including Catholic-Jewish). Couples usually wish to find those elements that are the same in both faiths, and then that's the part we emphasize, but then include also traditions from each faith, and explain what they mean, and the mix can work really well. Additionally, I have written and performed many wedding ceremonies for couples where one party was raised with a religious background, but the other party is spiritual, but not necessarily religious. Whatever your background, we will make sure that your wedding reflects and honors your beliefs.

You can feel completely confident and relaxed, knowing that I will always respect your wishes, and that your thoughts and ideas are always at the forefront of my plans.

I am always available for guidance, information, and support.

Wedding at the Minnesota History Center

At Our Initial Meeting

When we meet, we will review all elements of the wedding ceremony you envision: vows, rings, readings, music, everything--including your family considerations, location characteristics, recommendations for top-notch wedding vendors, and everything else involved in planning your unique wedding.  We will discuss your feelings and beliefs, and any unique circumstances.  I will always respect your wishes and feelings, and together, we will customize your ceremony.

Once you’ve reserved my services, I will get right to work on your ceremony scripting, writing up everything that we worked on at our meeting.

Customized ceremony scripting

Within 7 to 14 days, you will receive the entire customized wedding ceremony scripting for your review. Your script will be a clear, well-organized document, fully detailed and complete. This writing out of the scripting for your review is especially important and unique to my services. I undertake this effort so that you will always know exactly what to expect. With this complete scripting in hand, you will feel secure and confident knowing that your wedding ceremony is personalized and customized to reflect your beliefs, values, and wishes.


Once you receive your scripting, you can go through it at your leisure to make sure that everything is exactly how you want it. We will work together in the coming months to make it absolutely perfect. If there are changes, just let me know and

Wedding ceremony at JJ Hill Library in St Paul, Minnesota
I will send you a newly revised scripting, so we’re always on the same page.

Your Marriage License

Your Minnesota marriage license administration will be taken care of by me so you can concentrate on more important things, like enjoying your big weekend.

Your Wedding Rehearsal

By this point, you’ll have the complete and final scripting, with any and all  changes you requested. We will rehearse the service at the location of your choice, and you will have the security of knowing that your wedding party, family, and everyone else is completely comfortable and confident.

Your Wedding Day

After your rehearsal, you will be completely prepared and ready

Out-of-state wedding

for your wedding. You won’t have to be in charge of anything—if anyone asks you for anything, from the florist to the caterer to a member of your family or your wedding party, you can answer with confidence, “Talk to Pastor Tomkin.” You can be completely in the moment, enjoying your big day.