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Your infant or child may be baptized at your Minnesota home

Hope baptism in Minneapolis, MN areaI have performed dozens of personalized home baptisms in the Minneapolis, MN area, and whether you are religious or not, it's so wonderful to have a loving ceremony where your child can be welcomed into the folds of your family unit, and you, as parents, can be reminded of the love and community around your family. Often a late morning or early afternoon on a Saturday at your home. In a celebration of love and sharing, you may welcome your child into the family of God and celebrate your familial connection with a ritual that brings your family together with:
  • Private Minnesota baptismal ceremonyThe importance of Godparents - Your child will never be alone. God will always be with them, you will always be with them, and your child's godparents will always be with them.  Through thick and thin, as relationships come and go in your child's life, they will always know they have these special people to rely on.
  • Grandparents - Grandparents are a close part of a child's life, and to have a ritual that emphasizes the importance of this bond...that recognition can be so special.
  • Baptism at home in Minneapolis, MN. Close family - This event can be special time for a mini family reunion, a chance to bring loved ones together in a meaningful way.
  • Sometimes families have more than one baptism at a time (no extra fee)Note: Baptismal certificate with envelope is included
  • Accepted by any church (including Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist churches
  • You can formally recognize the meaning of your child's name
  •     Perhaps there is a family member that their first name or middle name is named after, and this relationship can be honored.
  •     Baptism at home in Minneapolis, MN. Perhaps there is a meaning behind your child's first or middle name (Old English, Norwegian, from the bible, the name "Chloe" means "New Beginning" etc.).
  • You may have several baptisms at once: You may baptize your infant, your young children (sometimes several at once), and if you have never been christened, you maybe be baptized at the same time.
  • This ritual may reflect your faith and your wishes -  you do not have to join a church, and if you are ever joining a church later on, you may then join as already baptized.
Private baptism in St Paul, MNThe decision to baptize your child is entirely up to you, the parents. Anyone at any age can be baptized, and it is not necessary for the christening to place in a church, but may take place surrounded by God and family. A private baptism in Minnesota may be performed in your home or in a park, but the place you select should be special, so when your child looks back on it, they will be proud of where it was held and how it was held.

Preparing for a baptism at a private homeHow the baptism usually goes: We gather around, make introductions, take a few family photos, and then we get started. We may gather in a circle, with the parents and the baby/child/children standing beside the baptismal font, then we begin with:
  •     Introduction and Prayer
  •     Blessing of the Water
  •     Thanking of Parents
  •     Gospel of Jesus and the Children
  •     Prayer for Deliverance, then the Baptism(s)
  •     Instruction to Parents and Godparents (basically, a loving message to support the child throughout their life)
  •     Prayer and Blessing
Baptism in the backyard of their homeYour baptism may be anywhere in the Minneapolis, MN area, and the timing is usually 10-15 minutes - long enough that it doesn't just flash by, but not so long as anyone gets bored. If there is a song or reading by a friend (not common), it would be longer, but usually 10-15 minutes is about right. Then there's congratulations, some hugs, and often the family starts eating, celebrating, talking to each other. A private home baptism is not only a time for ritual, but an occasion for family to come together (much like weddings and funerals may be the only time some family members get to see each other).

Personalized baptismal ceremony in MinnesotaI hope the above gives you an idea of how your child's baptism might go. You'll receive a complete scripting of the event beforehand, just to make sure all the names are correct and to make sure everything meets your approval. Most couples choose to have their children's baptisms in their homes, usually on a Sunday afternoon, with the godparents and other relatives attending. I will travel to anywhere in the Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota metro area, and I will bring the baptismal set, so there isn't anything you have to set up. If you want, you may wish to set up a table, and perhaps have a candle lit in memory of loved ones who have passed away, but these choices are not mandatory. The child (or children) is usually dressed in a christening dress or a nice outfit. There is an fee of $300.