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Premarital Education
Preparing for a fun and fulfilling life together

Premarital counseling in Minneapolis, MinnesotaWhile I do NOT require premarital counseling, it can be quite helpful. Actually, the term is premarital education (not counseling) because we're not working through any problems you might have right now (because your problems will keep changing throughout your lives), but rather, teaching long-term skills to use in your marriage.

The program is based on the award-winning Prepare/Enrich program, which more than 3 million couples have taken over the last 30 years - the program is helpful, proven, and suitable for both non-religious or religious couples. After answering a series of questions online, you will receive, from me, a customized Couples Report, which will summarize your relationship strengths and areas of growth. I will go through the report with you, providing feedback, answering your questions, and working on communication and relationship skill Studies have shown that by taking a marriage preparation class, you'll at least theoretically be cutting your chance of divorce by 30%.

How the program works:
  • Homework
    I will e-mail you a log-in code so that you and your fiance can go online to complete the assessment. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes for each of you to answer the questions. When you are both finished, I will receive a customized Couples Report for you, which I'll review before we meet.

  • Two evenings together
    During the first session, about 60-90 minutes long, we will begin discussing the Couples Report, and we will complete some exercises in a Couples Workbook that will assist in improving your growth areas and enhancing your communication and relationship skills. In the second meeting, again about 60-90 minutes, we will finish reviewing the Couples Report, including the SCOPE Personality Scale, and complete additional exercises. Topics during both evenings include:
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Financial Management
    • Leisure Activities
    • Family & Friends
    • Relationship Roles
    • Spiritual Beliefs (optional)
    • Personal Stressors
  • Homework
    Based on our meetings together, you'll receive some homework - either a book to read or a book-on-CD, whichever you prefer.
The fee is $495:
  • A total of two evenings of your time (most couples who take my class are super-busy).
  • $50 off if you are also using my wedding officiating services.
  • $70 off your marriage license

If you're interested, head to the contact page of my website Before Your Wedding Day and sign up! I look forward to hearing from you!